Harvmcm (b. 2001) is a visual artist based in Montrose, Scotland. 

Harvey recently transitioned from full-time student at the University of Dundee, studying Architecture, into full time artist as of March 2022. His obsession with art-making intensified at the start of the Covid pandemic in March 2020 when creating became a focus and an outlet for his emotions during lockdown. 

Harvey’s signature BLOCKS style shows throughout his work. It is influenced both visually and thematically by his upbringing, emotions, personal surroundings and pop culture. His artworks are expressive and playful, through their use of a vibrant colour palette and their uniquely striking style. Harvey works in a variety of mediums ranging from digital work, traditional media such as illustrative work with pen and paints to collage, fashion and sculpture. Harvey doesn't want to be boxed in or defined by any media and has ambitions to expand his work further. 

Harvey has had his work shown in numerous locations worldwide, such as Times Square in New York, the OXO Tower in London, SXSW, Miami Art Basel and many more. Harvey has also worked with clients such as Aberdeen FC, ITV and NFTNYC.

Solo Exhibitions;

Harvmcm; Constructing Forms, Eden Court in Inverness (2nd - 26th September 2023)

Group Exhibitions featuring Harvmcm;


- Times Square, New York, with NFTNYC on OneTimesSquare and Marriott billboards

- Miami Art Basel with Shillrxyz 

- SXSW with FortheTL 

- Cluster Contemporary Exhibition, OXO Tower London 

- Farrago Show, London 

- SoHo Art Show in New York, with BeYuLabs 

- The Samsung London Headquarters, with ITV and Reality+ 

- NFTLondon


- Ads across New York City with FortheTL and ZORATOPIA 

- Nocturnal Show in London, with FortheTL 


- Times Square, New York, with NFTNYC on the OneTimesSquare billboard

- NFTNYC Community Art Showcase in Hudson Yards, New York

- Subjective Art show, Lume Studios in New York 

- BurritoDAO Event, New York

- Accelerate Art ‘Moving Forward’ Show in New York

- Superrare Evening Event, New York

- Boomer Gallery, ‘Walking With Giants’, curated by Anthony Fawcett in Tower Bridge, London

- ImnotArt weekly showcase in Chicago

- Beeple Studios, CryptoPunk Event in South Carolina

- Times Square, New York, on the TSX Billboard


- Aberdeen FC

- Reality +

- ITV (Thunderbirds)


- Cameo Pass

- Opensea 

- Mo Fidelity Records

- Montrose Academy

- Metaverse Publishing 


- National 5 - AAABB

- Higher - AABBCCD

- Advanced Higher - AC