Earn points by completing challenges on the store, placing orders and by owning 'BLOCKS by harvmcm' on Opensea.

'BLOCKS POINTS' can be redeemed on any of the products below.

This marketplace is one of the many ways we want to reward holders and customers alike. We will be updating the stock most months with new clothing items, NFTs, 1/1s and more. We want to ensure its the best it can be, so the BLOCKS community will, as always be heavily involved.

Please do not purchase these items with $$$, these are point only products.

'BLOCKS POINTS' for owning 'BLOCKS by harvmcm' will be assigned manually by the BLOCKS team on the 22nd of each month. There is NO staking required and NO web3 log in, so dont worry, your wallet is safe! Just make sure you have filled in our form in discord with your wallet so we know how many BLOCKS you own. The more BLOCKS you own, the greater the rewards.

To claim a reward, go into your dashboard, claim whatever item you would like and then use the discount code provided to order the reward. This will take your order to a total of $0.

Any issues or requests please do open a support ticket in our discord.

Thank you all for supporting us and the vision.