Harvmcm is a 21 year old artist and designer from Scotland who has been creating and sharing art online for three years.

Harvey’s signature BLOCKS style is predominantly created digitally and is influenced both visually and thematically by his personal surroundings and pop culture. His upbringing and emotions play large roles in the artwork. The artwork is expressive and playful through its use of a varied colour palette and visually striking style. This shows in his artwork, clothing and collections.

NYC 2023

In April of 2023, Harvey will be back in New York. His work will be featured in Times Square for the second year running, and in Hudson Yards.

NYC 2022

In June 2022, Harvey had his art featured in New York in Times Square. His work was also featured in a gallery in SoHo, at ZORATOPIA with FORTHETL and on many ZORA ads placed accross the city.



Clothing designed by Harvmcm and embroidered locally in Scotland. All items are created in Harvey's signature BLOCKS style.

BLOCKS clothing collaborations coming soon....



BLOCKS, is a collection of 1000 unique pieces created by both harvmcm and a series of collaborations. The collection features over 50 unique collabs, with both artists in the community and the family and friends of harvmcm. The collection is a mixture of art forms, ranging from digital art to photography and even physical pieces. The vast majority of pieces are done in harvmcm’s signature BLOCKS style.